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Rachel Pugia grew up in Colorado Springs and started working in property management at the age of 18 in an apartment community. She got her Real Estate License in 2003 and has been managing rentals since 2006 as a private property manager. She also helps investors find rentals to buy and works with both buyers and sellers.

Rachel has extensive experience in high-pressure negotiations, conflict resolution, and post-divorce decree sales. Her expertise includes managing conflicts by finding common ground, understanding different conflict management styles, and using effective communication skills to identify nonverbal cues and verbal skills to express herself engagingly. In addition, she has experience in post-divorce decree sales. She is skilled in resolving conflicts related to property and asset division.

Rachel enjoys helping people find their home whether it's in a rental or their own home to buy. She enjoys the moment when a client walks into a home and lights up knowing "This" is their home! She prides herself on good communication and customer service and can say that many of her clients become friends after working with her.

Rachel also enjoys the benefits of living in Colorado that allows her and her two kids to camp multiple times per summer. She enjoys hiking, going to see movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Amber Youngman

Tenant Services Cordinator

Gina Santaularia

Leasing Manager

Amber Youngman is the proud mother of 3 wonderful children and loves to exercise and spend time with her family. She is a dedicated and passionate Tenant Services Coordinator at ACQUIRE HOMES, INC., a role she has embraced with enthusiasm and commitment. With a background in customer service and property management, Amber has always been driven by her desire to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for tenants.

In her role at ACQUIRE HOMES, INC., Amber is responsible for coordinating various tenant services, ensuring that all resident concerns and needs are addressed promptly and efficiently. She excels in creating a supportive and welcoming environment for tenants, helping them feel at home in their rental properties.

Amber's commitment to tenant services is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her proactive approach to problem-solving. Whether it's handling maintenance requests, overseeing lease renewals, or organizing community events, Amber ensures that every aspect of tenant services is handled with care and professionalism.

Her ability to empathize with tenants and provide personalized assistance has earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable coordinator. Amber's dedication to her role not only enhances the living experience of tenants but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of Top Tier Professionals at

Born and raised in Kansas, Gina relocated to Colorado Springs as a military wife.

She is the proud mother of three boys who grew up to serve in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Marines. You can’t get more patriotic than that.

Gina’s pride and joy are her four grandchildren, whom she lovingly sees regularly.

Gina began her real estate career in property management nine years ago.

She is a huge asset to the Top Tier Professionals at ACQUIRE HOMES, INC.'s property management team, overseeing all the aspects of rentals and leasing.

Gina enjoys her work with clients and always goes the extra mile.

Gina is currently in school obtaining her real estate license.

In her free time, she is a big fan of the Kansas Jayhawks and watches basketball whenever she can.

Kim Jester

Associate Broker

Kim is committed to providing exceptionally personalized service during the buying, selling, or property management process. She knows firsthand the extent to which buying or selling a home is a major life event, since she has lived all over the U.S (NY, GA, NJ, KA, FL, ID, CO, MS, CA, & AL) and Europe (Germany, Belgium, and England) compliments of the United States Army & Air Force.  Kim is dedicated to making her client’s experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. As an energetic and enthusiastic advocate for her clients, Kim will guide and steer her clients through the ins and outs of today’s fast paced market. Kim has extensive experience with new construction, investment properties, and rentals.

Kim is originally from the East Coast and moved to Colorado Springs in 2016.  Her husband is a CO native and enjoys raising their 5 children in this beautiful state. She loves all that Colorado Springs has to offer. 

Kim’s hobbies include walking, hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, soccer, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. She has hiked over 20 fourteeners. Kim is heavily involved in volunteer and charity work in the Colorado Springs community by serving as President of the women’s organization in her local congregation.  Kim also officiates basketball and volleyball in the Colorado Springs area at the collegiate and high school levels.


Kendra Willson

Associate Broker

Kendra exemplifies unparalleled dedication, unwavering commitment, and a profound sense of community spirit as a valued member of the Top Tier Professionals team at Acquire Homes, Inc. Her role as a devoted mother to three lively children has honed her skills in time management, patience, and addressing diverse needs—skills that are crucial in the fast-paced real estate industry.

Beyond her family life, Kendra's deep engagement with her local church community highlights her passion for building relationships based on trust and mutual respect. An avid runner, her participation in half marathons reflects her determination, goal-setting prowess, and focus on long-term objectives, mirroring her approach in real estate.

Kendra's educational background as a licensed CPA lays a strong foundation for her career, providing her with an acute attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of financial subtleties. This expertise allows her to offer valuable insights into market trends, investment prospects, and the fiscal aspects of property transactions.

Eager to embark on her journey with Acquire Homes, Inc., Kendra is ready to leverage her unique combination of personal warmth, professional diligence, and active community engagement. She is committed to employing her broad skill set to assist clients through the intricacies of real estate transactions, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience from beginning to end.

As a native of Colorado Springs, Kendra is well-versed in the city's offerings and eager to guide people in finding their ideal home. Her family's enjoyment of Colorado's summers—camping in the mountains and exploring the region's beauty—along with local hiking, biking, and running, underscores the area's appeal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Kendra is poised to support clients through various real estate endeavors, whether relocating, seeking investment properties, downsizing, or upgrading. With her expertise and passion, she is your dedicated partner in finding the perfect home to match your lifestyle and aspirations.