Rental Owners

Dear Rental Property Owner,

Thank you, homeowners, for the opportunity to meet and work with you. We opened Top Tier Real Professionals at ACQUIRE HOMES, INC. with 19 years of property management experience under our belts. We pride ourselves on good communication and customer service.

We have a full range of contractors/vendors to rely on, from general maintenance, to plumbing, to heating, and more. Our vendors have been working with us for years and provide excellent service. Most of our business comes from past clients and referrals.

Sincerely Yours,


Top Tier Professionals

Rachel Pugia, Associate Broker


98% of tenants today begin their home search on line, so we advertise on several internet sites. Our main source for advertising is  They charge $59 a month, for each ad.  We also use a military site called which is free and directed solely to military members. Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, and many other sites are are integrated through our company website,
Zillow is now charging $2 per day for all rental ads.  And we can use for properties, if requested. 

Rental Application Process:

We run credit checks, criminal background and eviction history for all applicants. We call all rental references, check employment history and verify income. We show our properties personally in order to meet every applicant. We value tenants as well as homeowners and do our best to select tenants who will best maintain the property.


We do walk through each property about 90 days after move-in, to see how tenants are maintaining the property.

Our properties are typically advertised as no smoking, no pets. However, pets can be considered if homeowners prefer. We maintain an escrow account for each property, in which we keep a balance of $350 to use for minor repairs. We will make decisions on minor repairs under $350, and for anything over $350 we will call and let the owner decide how to handle it (Unless it is an emergency having to do with the furnace or water heater and the owner cannot be contacted).

We read each repair invoice to determine whether damage was caused by the tenant and if so, that tenant is responsible for the bill. We handle all the billing and landlords receive their monthly proceeds via ACH direct deposit to their bank account by the 15th of each month. We send out monthly statements to landlords itemizing rental income and expenses.

Our Fees:

We charge a one-time up-front leasing fee of $495 for new move in’s only, and renewals are $100

Our professional management fee is 10% of the monthly rent, deducted when monthly rent is received.