Emergency Procedures

We wanted you to have some steps to take in case of emergency or a problem with the property. It seems like most problems happen in the middle of the night or just as you are getting home from work for the weekend. Please take the following steps when reporting an Emergency Maintenance repair.

​ 1. During business hours please call Rachel at 719-330-5556 and let her know there is a problem and you need to reach assistance. Leave a detailed message on her voice mail. She checks voicemail frequently even when out of town.

2. If you get a recording that Rachel is out of town, please call the vendor below based on the type of emergency you are having

3. Water Heater Problems or water leak or sewer line backing up:
call Bill’s Plumbing at 719-598-4775 or Avila’s Plumbing at 719-930-3373

4. NO HEAT: If your home has no heat call Roger’s Heating and Cooling at 719-339-7949 or Noach Heating at 491-1426

5. Appliance repair, Sure Tech Appliance, 719-649-0065 day, 203-5846 night

Gas leaks:

If your Utilities are with Colorado Springs Utilities Call 719-448-4800 .They will light your pilot light if it goes out or check for gas leaks.

If your gas supplier is Black Hills Energy call 888-890-5554. You must pay extra each month on your utility bill if you want to call them for service.