Top Tier Real Estate's

Vendor Referral List

We use vendors to work on our client's homes and have found these are the best to work with.

Here is our personal list of favorites:

For Appliance Repair:

Suretech Appliance at 719-203-5846 or email at
D-3 Appliance Service at 719-574-3344

For Electrical work:

Gaddie Electric at 719-268-9433
Swartz Electric at 719-457-2218

For Flooring:

Installation- Carpet Connections at 719-593-1910
Cleaning- Albright Carpet at 719-635-7218

For General Maintenance:

Troy with About Time Handiworks at 719-963-3796
Phil with Hawks Fence and Handiworks at 719-238-2753
Gregor with GTM Services at 719-344-3024
Walter with Walter's Handyman Services at 719-306-7997


Rogers Heating at 719-339-7949
A&H Mechanical at 719-578-9999
Noach Heating at 719-491-1426
Wright Heating and Cooling at 719-26

For Janitorial and House Cleaning Services:

Queen of Clean House Cleaning at 719-896-9974

For Painting:

Allner and Son's Painting at 719-337-9520
Paint Master at 719-646-8312​

For Plumbing:

Bill's Plumbing at 719-598-4775
Avila's Plumbing at 719-930-3373

For Radon Mitigation:

Aspen Environmental Services at 719-322-3131

For Roofing:

Seaback Roofing at 719-494-6777
Above the Rest Roofing 719-661-8139

For Septic Pumping or Repair:

Arrowhead Septic at 719-203-9181